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160 French Foreign Ministers

With politics still in the summer break, I want to take a look at one of Berlin’s FP protagonists, the Foreign Office, or Auswärtiges Amt. Functional title with regard to both content and sound. What I like about Ministries of … Continue reading

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Lisbon Treaty, Eventually

Believe it or not: Germany is one of the two countries that has not ratified the Lisbon Treaty yet. But the never ending story about the European Union’s new legal basis could eventually be taken to a rest soon. In … Continue reading

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Berlin Talks with Hamas

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in Berlin today. Coming from London, where he met with PM Gordon Brown and the US envoy Geoge Mitchell (see the BBC reporting), Netanjahu will meet with President Horst Köhler, Chancellor Angela Merkel … Continue reading

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German Troops in Afghanistan

Discussing politics in August?! A waste of time, you might think. Well, the Germans will vote a new government into office on 27 September 2009. I should be lucky to find some foreign policy life in Berlin’s hottest month of … Continue reading

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