Merkel Lonely in Europe?

Chancellor Angela Merkel is struggling with the impact of the Euro crisis.

She is not only facing criticism for what is seen as a going-it-alone approach in the currency crisis by European and international partners. Back in Germany, life has not been easy either, with the Social Democratic and Green opposition’s decision not to support the security umbrella for the Euro zone.

Will Merkel prevail?

Take a look at the newspapers:

“Germany’s Lonely Chancellor” (Spiegel Online International, 24 May 2010).

“Merkel ‘Botched’ Her Duties in Euro Crisis, Says Joschka Fischer” (Spiegel Online International, 24 May 2010).

“Whatever Germany Does, the Euro as We Know It Is Dead” (The Daily Telegraph, 20 May 2010).

“Lawmakers in Germany Back Rescue for Europe” (IHT, 19 May 2010).

“Germany Acts Alone to Protect the Euro and Big Banks Against Speculators” (IHT, 19 May 2010).

“As Guardian of the Euro, Merkel Faces a Difficult Domestic Balancing Act” (IHT, 3 March 2010).

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